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Stamford High School


French is taught throughout Years 7 to 11 and many girls take it for GCSE. France is our closest neighbour and a leading nation in the world of industry, commerce and international relations. One cannot study French without being drawn into the rich and varied culture of France (cinema, music, art, gastronomy) and without appreciating the beauty of the country and French language. With Paris just over two hours away by train, professional and business links are even closer.

By the end of the course, the aim is for all students to feel that they can understand a wide range of current issues and communicate effectively in the spoken and written word. The topic areas are very modern and include education and employment, house, home and daily routines, the modern world and the environment and social activities, fitness and health. They sometimes deal with issues that we face in everyday life; students, therefore, find the course interesting and are motivated to express their opinions and ideas.


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