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Foundation & Alumni

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What benefits do alumni receive?

The alumni magazine, ‘Stamford;, is produced twice a year. We also send out regular e-newsletters and hard copy news to alumni. You can also keep in touch with the Schools and their respective alumni associations via Facebook, LinkedIn, and by attending some of the many events we run in the UK and overseas for careers, sports and particular regions.


How do I update my contact details?

You can update your details directly by logging onto the alumni portal: SpedeWeb ( or get in touch with us by emailing or call us on +44 (0)1780 750032 to update your details.


How do I get a Stamford Card?

You can apply for one easily by applying direct to


Where can I purchase alumni merchandise?

Our School Shop on St Paul’s Street in Stamford hosts all of our merchandise for alumni, and pupils. You can visit the shop during their opening hours or if you are unable to travel to Stamford, call +44 (0)1780 750349 to place an order. Orders placed over the phone may be subject to a postage fee but can be delivered to your home. To find out what merchandise we offer, please visit our merchandise page with images of alumni merchandise.


Can I get a transcript of my records or confirmation of my attendance at the School?

Depending on our records, we will try to provide as much confirmation of your attendance whilst attending Stamford as possible. Please note, when applying for information regarding your years of study, please do provide us with as much information as possible: Full name (including maiden name, if applicable), years of leaving, house or boarding house whilst studying and details of your request.


How do I register for SpedeWeb?

            To apply for a username and password for SpedeWeb, simply contact the Foundation Office.


What happens if I forget my SpedeWeb password and/or username?

We can very easily reset your password, or remind you of your username by simply requesting it on SpedeWeb.


How do I opt out of news from the School?

You can choose to be removed from any mailing lists as an alumni of the Stamford Endowed Schools at any time, and have the ability to reactivate your membership whenever you choose. It’s an easy process which we recommend by contacting the SES Foundation.


Events and Returning to School

Can I visit the Schools?

If you haven’t been back to Stamford recently, we absolutely recommend making a visit to your alma mater! Visits, however, need to be booked in advance so we can make arrangements for you. Simply contact us at If you are contacting us outside of term time to arrange a visit, you may not be able to see the Schools or particular areas of the School. Please contact us for more information.


How do I register for an event?

Depending on the event you can choose a number of methods. Most of our events can be booked through our Box Office: However, in the event you are unable to book tickets via this method, please do contact us at Details of alumni gatherings will be advertised via email.


I am having trouble registering for a Foundation or Alumni event. Who do I contact?

Contact the SES Foundation at for all general enquiries into ticketing for Foundation and Alumni events.           




How do I find alumni near me or who share the same interest?

Stamford has a network of Alumni Groups around the world. To find out about other alumni groups and events in your area, contact us at If there isn't a group but you would like to start one, please email the Foundation Office:


How can I network with alumni in my area online?

Try our LinkedIn page by searching for ‘Old Stamfordians’. We also have a plethora of LinkedIn pages for careers and regional groups which you can discover on our website pages. Find these by going to our page on ‘LinkedIn’.


How can the alumni relations department help me publicise my group event?

We publicise events run by officially recognised alumni groups on our website. If you would like us to add your event to our website or require further information, please email


I’m an OS and I’d like to advertise an employment opportunity to other alumni – how can I do this?

All alumni are able to join the alumni official LinkedIn group and may post discussions and other items of interest there.


I’d like to advertise my business to other OS – how can I do this?

            In order to reach the widest audience, we recommend advertising in our publication ‘Stamford: Alumni and Parents’. Contact us at to discuss further.



About Former Students

I’ve lost touch with a friend at Stamford, can you help me get back in contact?

Log on to SpedeWeb or email us to make an initial enquiry, making sure you give us as much relevant information as possible - details that are most useful include full name, including any initials and previous names (eg maiden name) while at the School. If we do have their details on our database, we won't be able to release them to you, but we may be able to pass on a message. Contact us at


I attended Stamford High School/Stamford School, but I want to find out information about someone who attended the other senior school.

We are able to put any alumni, regardless of School attended, in touch with each other. Please follow the above process to get in touch.


I’m interested in finding out more about the history of the School. How can I do this?

Both Stamford High School and Stamford School have archives on site and we welcome contact between our Archivists and the alumni community. You can contact us at


How do I start a careers or regional based alumni group?

If there are no Alumni Groups local to you or representing your shared interest, then please email We can check how many alumni are in your area and look into helping you set one up.


How do I advertise in ‘Stamford’ Magazine?

            Contact us at to discuss advertising in ‘Stamford’ Magazine.



Events Information

School Events

OS are invited to many School events throughout the year, and while we always do our best to accommodate as many attendees as possible, there may be certain occasions where ticket numbers are limited.



Where possible we are pleased to encourage OS to invite guests to our events. Invitations should state whether or not guests are permitted to events, indeed, due to high demand some of our events are open to OS only. If it is unclear whether guests are permitted to attend, please contact the Foundation Office.



Tickets are issued for most events. Please ensure that if a ticket is issued, you have this with you to present upon entry either on your phone or printed.



Guests unable to make free ticketed events (such as the Foundation Lectures) are requested to contact the SES Foundation so they may be reallocated.


Seating arrangements

The Foundation Office will make every reasonable effort to accommodate seating requests, however, please be aware that this may not always be possible.



The enjoyment and safety of our guests is our highest priority, and therefore each member of the OS community has a responsibility to be considerate of others and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner when visiting the Schools and when attending all OS events. If an individual is deemed to be behaving in an unacceptable manner they may be asked to leave and may be refused admission to future events.


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