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Stamford School

Learning Support

Individual learning needs are identified at an early stage through close liaison with primary schools and through diagnostic testing. Once these needs are identified and after careful consultation with pupils, parents and teachers, a teaching programme is put in place to give appropriate support. Our aim is to enable pupils to achieve their very best according to individual need and ability.

Boys are encouraged from an early age to develop an understanding and appreciation of both their strengths and their weaknesses. Our long-term aim is to make each pupil a successful, independent learner.

Learning Support offers a friendly, relaxed yet structured environment in which to develop the skills needed to progress across the curriculum. While some pupils attend on a weekly basis, all pupils are welcome to drop in if they feel they are experiencing difficulty of a short-term nature.

The Learning Support Department liaises closely with mainstream teaching colleagues concerning the needs of individual pupils and all teachers are made aware of any difficulties. We also advise teachers on different strategies to meet individual need. We always value regular contact with parents of pupils whom we teach, believing that working in partnership is the foundation of pupil progress.


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