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Music Scholarships

What are the benefits of becoming a Music Scholar?

music scholarship - stamfordAt Stamford Endowed Schools, all Scholars can look forward to participating in the Scholars Programme, will be recognised as a Scholar and have his/her name included on the Scholars List.  Music Scholars will specifically benefit from;

  • being at the forefront of the musical and cultural life of the school.  The music department hosts around 70 events a year and through these, Music Scholars will have many opportunities to perform both in ensembles and solos, gaining experience of performing to small audiences or to those in excess of 300
  • accessing a growing number of opportunities to perform in events outside school.  This ability to perform is a wider and transferable skill 
  • being assigned to ensembles as best suits their abilities, interest and needs
  • encouragement to broaden their musical experiences in other areas which could include conducting classes, developing arranging skills or accessing other instruments 
  • access to master classes, trips and visits 
  • Scholars from Y10 will have a mentor, who will not be their instrumental teacher, who will help to facilitate the scholar’s musical interests

How do I apply?

Once your child is registered for entry to the Stamford Endowed Schools, you should complete the Music Scholarship Application, available from the School’s Admissions Office.  This should be returned, along with any additional information requested, before the deadline for application.  

The Director of Music will be pleased to see prospective candidates or answer any enquiries and can be contacted on  

We welcome any questions so please don’t hesitate to contact our admissions office.


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