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Notes and Conditions

General Principles for sitting Scholarships

Pupils will have two attempts to gain a scholarship - on entry to the Schools and on entry to the Sixth Form. The exceptions to this are those scholarships that are only available from Year 9 for pupils who have entered in Year 7 and 8; these students will be able to apply for Year 9 scholarships internally.

Candidates may apply for one or more scholarship, however owing to the expectations of scholars, scholarships may not be held in more than one of drama, music and sport. An All-rounder scholar may not hold another scholarship. Please see below for the points of applying for a scholarship. 

Entrance Scholarships 

  Year 7 & 8 Years 9 -11 Sixth Form
Academic Scholarship x x x
Music Scholarship x x x
Richard Harris Art Scholarship    x x
Drama Scholarship    x x
Sports Scholarship x x x
All-rounder Scholarship    x x

Internal Scholarships

  Into Year 9 Into Year 10 Into Sixth Form
Academic Scholarship     x
Music Scholarship   x x
Richard Harris Art Scholarship  x   x
Drama Scholarship  x   x
Sports Scholarship     x*   x
All-rounder Scholarship  x   x

For the sake of clarity, internal scholarship examinations take place in Year 8 for Year 9, Year 9 for Year 10 and Year 11 for Sixth Form.

*Students who were not successful at achieving a sports scholarship (or who did not apply) on entry into the School in Year 7, have the opportunity to try again for a sports scholarship on moving into Year 9.  This is to recognise the significant changes in sporting ability that can occur between the ages of 10 and 13 as a result of physical changes and exposure to improved sports coaching.  A sports scholarship which is achieved at this stage is honorary and will not attract a financial award. 

To download the full Scholarship notes and conditions please click here.

We welcome any questions so please don’t hesitate to contact our admissions office.


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