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Spedeweb ( is a dedicated website for Old Girls of Stamford High School and Old Boys of Stamford School which enables them to:

  • access back copies of newsletters and magazines and other archive material including over 6000 archive photographs
  • review and update the information that the Schools hold (confidentially) about them
  • select information that they would like to share with other former pupils
  • search for other former pupils

The site is managed by the Stamford Endowed Schools’ Foundation. Former pupils will need a username and password to access certain areas of the website. Please email for more details.



We aim to build a national and international network of Old Stamfordians, to connect and share resources, experiences and advice. We welcome all former pupils and staff of Stamford School (Old Stamfordian Club) and Stamford High School (SHS Old Girls Guild) to our LinkedIn groups.

Direct links are provided to each group and sub-groups. Please note, membership of the Old Stamfordian groups has to be approved by a manager:

Main Group:

Old Stamfordians


Old Stamfordians Overseas
OS Asia-Pacific
OS France
OS Germany, Austria, Switzerland
OS United States
OS China/Hong Kong
OS Eastern Europe and Russia
OS Australia


OS Legal
OS Royal Air Force/Civil Aviation
OS Medicine
OS Marketing, PR and Advertising
OS Education
OS Financial Services


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