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Stamford School

Philosophy and Ethics

During Y10, students will be introduced to the application of ethics within contemporary society. They will start by considering whether morality is absolute or relative, or whether ethical values are based on emotivism and depend upon a particular situation. Students will study medical ethics, such as abortion, euthanasia, IVF, cloning and vivisection. They will then cover the ethics of war, whether it is ever justified to fight and equality in today’s society. The latter incorporates injustice and discrimination from a legal perspective.

In Y11, students are introduced to philosophical concepts in relation to good and evil and science. Students will study philosophical approaches to the problem of evil and suffering, concepts of God and the devil and they will evaluate the sources and reasons for moral behaviour, for example the conscience and the law. Students will consider religion and science, the origins of the universe, the place of humanity in relation to animals, responses to the environment and the concept of stewardship. They will examine Greek and Medieval arguments for the existence of God and beliefs about the afterlife.


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