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Stamford High School

Philosophy and Ethics

The Philosophy aspect includes the following:

  • arguments for and against the existence of God
  • the problem of evil - a study of human suffering, its causes, impact and       possible philosophical explanations.
  • the relationship between Religion and Science, including Darwinism, the Big Bang theory and Creationism, and
  • beliefs about life after death.

The Applied Ethics aspect deals with:

  • Medical ethics - fertility treatment, abortion, euthanasia, animal rights and genetic engineering.
  • Religion, Wealth and Poverty
  • War and Peace
  • Equality and Justice

Christianity’s wide-ranging teachings are our starting points but discussion plays an essential part in the study of this subject. The variety of views held by students ensures that discussions are interesting; this aids understanding and engenders respect for others. Our expectation is that students think for themselves about these complex issues and come to their own reasoned conclusions based on the evidence.


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