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Foundation & Alumni


The Old Stamfordian Club is a thriving association which ensures that contact is maintained by Old Boys with each other and the School. Through the publications listed below the Club communicates on a regular basis with over 2,900 former pupils.

The OSUpdates

OSUpdates, are email publications only, and are designed to provide up-to-date news about Old Boys and the School, as well as reminders of future events and other material of interest to Old Boys. They appear approximately once a month and are sent to over 2900 Old Boys. 

OSUpdate Specials deal with special themes. These are updated as Old Boys respond to the topic covered. Examples include CJS (Cuthbert) Ward, Walter Douglas, Kalkuhl Exchange. 

OSUpdate Digests have been published annually in printed form and include highlights from OSUpdates from the previous 12 months. They are particularly for members without internet access.

The OSUpdates are edited by the Chairman, Phillip Hoskins. Old Boys wishing to contribute to future Updates should send material to


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