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 russian exchangeIn the ever-widening European market, Russia, with its rich cultural and scientific heritage and its vast natural resources, promises to become a very important force and opportunities for Russian speakers are sure to increase. Russian is currently spoken by over 288 million people worldwide.

The current partnership between Russia and the West is making business initiatives much easier to establish and more relevant. Many Western companies have established links with Russia, providing excellent job opportunities. Russia continues to excel in its medical and scientific research and this again could open up new avenues for language and science students. With Russia’s desire to become more closely involved with Europe, on a financial and commercial basis, the future is both promising and exciting.

The Russian language is exciting, combining beauty of sound with precision of expression. It is the key to a better understanding of Russian politics and history and can be a stepping stone to the mastery of other Slavonic and East European languages. Boys studying Russian will have the opportunity to participate in the annual exchange to Moscow. This is an ideal opportunity for pupils not simply to practise their Russian, but also to visit a country which is radically different from our own. Participants gain a rare insight into the lives of ordinary Russian people and, we hope, make some good friends.


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