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Stamford School

School Values and Aims

Stamford School provides education for boys aged 11 to 18, with regular intakes at ages 11, 13 and 16, and entry at other points possible depending on space and circumstances. The majority attend as day pupils, but boarding is available on a full-time or flexible basis. Sixth Form teaching is carried out jointly with Stamford High School.

The School has been sited on the eastern side of the stone-built town of Stamford since the sixteenth century. With our ancient Chapel nestling alongside fully IT-equipped teaching rooms and extensive games facilities, we offer an attractive combination of the very best that is both old and new.

Stamford School is proud of its high academic tradition, its caring pastoral support, its thriving sporting and cultural life and its exciting and varied extra-curricular programme. We extend the warmest of welcomes to all visitors and prospective pupils.

Our Values

  •   Intellectual curiosity
  •   Wealth of opportunities
  •   Enjoyment and happiness
  •   Well grounded individuals
  •   Extending our community
  •   Commitment of and to staff


Our Aims

To create a happy, exciting and supportive environment in which learning is the priority and where YOUNG PEOPLE are inspired...

  • to achieve their best in all aspects of School life
  • to develop their intellectual curiosity
  • to have a caring and respectful attitude towards each member of our diverse and welcoming community

Through their experiences at the Schools, they perceive no obstacle in life to be insurmountable and will exceed expectations in whatever they do.

STAFF feel valued and empowered and are committed to the well-being of the young people in their care.

PARENTS feel involved with the Schools and work in partnership with us.

ALUMNI feel connected to the Schools and act proudly as ambassadors for us.

Children of families from all walks of life have the opportunity to gain a place at our Schools and the SURROUNDING COMMUNITY enjoys - and benefits from - the presence, activities and facilities of the Schools.


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