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Stamford High School


 scienceThe Science Faculty at the High School consists of the Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology departments. (Psychology is only taught at AS/A2 level in the 6th Form.)


To provide through the exploration and study of Science, sufficient knowledge and understanding to allow pupils to:

a) recognise that the study of Science is relevant to everyday life
b) become confident citizens able to take an informed interest in matters of scientific importance
c) be suitably prepared for further studies in Science.


  • To develop, partly through investigative activities, abilities and skills that are relevant to the study and application of Science and to encourage safe working practices.
  • To stimulate curiosity, interest and enjoyment in all aspects of Science and promote an awareness of its significance in personal, social, environmental and economic contexts.
  • To show, through appropriate teaching strategies, that Science can be exciting and fun.


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