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Stamford High School


 Sport is a highly valued part of School life and we encourage all of our girls to take part. Sports are not only a great way to stay fit and healthy, they also foster a sense of team-spirit and cooperation in team games and dedication and self-reliance in individual sports. Most of all though, we want the girls to enjoy sport and so provide them with first-class facilities and equipment to pursues their interest to any level.

We are justly proud of the many individuals and teams who have excelled in hockey, netball, cross-country, gymnastics, tennis, athletics and badminton. Students have been very successful at county, regional and national level.

SES Sports Philosophy

Sport for all! Through the medium of sport expose SES students of all abilities to the benefits of a life-long affiliation to physicality. Their SES sporting journey will be characterised by:

‘Stamfordian Sporting Values’

  1. Enjoyment through growth, challenge & reward
  2. Resilience by living moments of success & failure
  3. Competition characterised by Co-operation & independence
  4. Belonging to Stamford in participation & representation
  5. Physicality that is educated in the benefits of physical activity


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