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Sports Scholarships

sports scholarship, stamfordWhat are the benefits of becoming a Sports Scholar?

At Stamford Endowed Schools, all Scholars can look forward to participating in the Scholars Programme, will be recognised as a Scholar and have his/her name included on the Scholars List. Sports Scholars will specifically benefit from;

  • participation in an intellectual sport development programme, looking at researching wider issues in sport and theory behind performance
  • special guidance and advice on physical performance and conditioning including specialist training programmes where appropriate
  • mentoring by the Head of their particular sport(s) and offered guidance and technical support where appropriate
  • monitoring with regards to lifestyle, academic commitments and offered support where appropriate that includes liaison with governing bodies, counties and academies

How do I apply?

Once your child is in Year 9 and above at the Stamford Endowed Schools, you should complete the Sports Scholarship Application, available from the Schools’ Admissions Office.  This should be returned, along with any additional information requested, before the deadline for application.  

The Heads of Sport at Stamford School and Stamford High School will be pleased to see prospective candidates or answer any enquiries and can be contacted via the Admissions Office.  

We welcome any questions so please don’t hesitate to contact our admissions office.


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