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St Michael's (Mixed Y3-7)

St Michaels Boarding Stamford

St Michael’s House is a co-educational house for children aged 7-12 years. The house is headed by
the resident Houseparents, who are supported by a team of House Tutors.

St Michael’s is a beautiful house, located in the grounds of Stamford Junior School, with easy access to many sports facilities. Boarders are encouraged to make full use of these and have regular evening activities in the indoor pool and Sports Hall. There is also a large garden with an adventure play area and extensive grounds where Boarders can play.

St Michael’s comprises private accommodation for the resident Houseparents and family with separate accommodation for the House Tutors. There are bedrooms for Boarders, accommodating 2 – 4 children, and separate bath and shower facilities for boys and girls. The Boarders have a sitting room with television and other media facilities, and a dining room where Boarders have breakfast and dinner. Children-friendly meals are prepared on-site by the cooks in the St Michael’s kitchen.

In addition there is a games room with pool table and table football and a number of computers which are linked to the school network. (NB All Boarders have their own e-mail address)

St Michael’s has medical rooms where basic medicines can be dispensed, and the school doctor visits the House regularly. There is also a laundry room, where laundry is coordinated for the Boarders.


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