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Stamford Junior School

Sustainability Policy

sustainability policyStamford Junior School recognises the need for sustainability, particularly within today’s environmental and economic climate.  

We aim to educate the pupils to understand this need through;

  • practical measures taken to reduce our carbon footprint at school
  • the conservation of our local environment
  • an understanding of global environmental issues
  • the education of the value of living sustainably 
  • the promotion of these values by the staff and pupils at home.

Our work is centred on the involvement and participation of the pupils, including working groups and committees such as The School Council. These groups work to increase the children’s understanding and awareness in different areas of school life;

  • energy and water use
  • travel and traffic
  • food and drink
  • buildings and grounds
  • waste and recycling.

Policy in Action

These areas of focus are continually addressed through a number of varied practical and academic activities. Over the last year these have included, a School Travel Plan, a daily Walking Bus, a Footprint Committee, sustainable travel signs, assemblies on local and global environmental issues, a lift-sharing database, podcasts, press releases, fund-raising for the Rainforest Foundation, activity weekends, a Green Week, a badge reward schemes, Green Police, display boards, visiting speakers and theatre productions, tree planting and the School Council writing letters to the Highways Agency. 


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