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Talented Athlete Development Award

What are the benefits of becoming a Sports Scholar?

In Year 7, athletes are still developing their skills and the Talented Athlete Development Programme has been developed in line with emerging best practice to accelerate their potential at this stage in their sporting careers.

Talented Athlete Development Award holders will specifically benefit from:

  • Individual mentoring by the Head of their particular sport(s) and guidance and technical support where appropriate.
  • Regular feedback and developmental coaching sessions.
  • Regular educational sport science lectures.

Pupils who are invited to join this programme will be mentored through Years 7 and 8 and, where appropriate, encouraged to apply for a Year 9 Sports Scholarship or a continuation of a sport extension programme.

We expect award holders to be ambassadors for sport who will make a full contribution to the sporting life of the Schools throughout their time in the Schools. Awards are reviewed at the end of Year 7 and may be withdrawn if it becomes apparent that the student to whom an Award was made is not meeting expectations in terms of performance, progress, attitude and commitment or is not making a significant contribution to sport in the Schools. Sport will be the priority of an Award holder in terms of the co-curricular programme but this will not exclude them from participating in other activities.

How do I apply?

Once your child is registered for entry to the Stamford Endowed Schools, you should complete the Talented Athlete Development Award Application, available from the Schools’ Admissions Office.  This should be returned, along with any additional information requested, before the deadline for application.  

The Heads of Sport at Stamford School and Stamford High School will be pleased to see prospective candidates or answer any enquiries and can be contacted via the Admissions Office.  

We welcome any questions so please don’t hesitate to contact our admissions office.


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