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Stamford Junior School

What are the Stamford Endowed Schools?

The Stamford Endowed Schools consist of the co-educational Stamford Junior School for children aged 2-11, Stamford High School for girls aged 11-18, and Stamford School for boys aged 11-18. There is also a sixth form which teaches boys and girls together across our two senior schools. This structure provides the ideal balance of giving our students the co-educational experience at junior level and then again at sixth form - which they will need to thrive in the world beyond education - whilst also recognising the strength of teaching boys and girls separately through the years leading towards GSCE examination. Boarding is available for pupils aged 7 and older and offers a further dimension to a Stamford education.

We offer a wide and varied curriculum at GCSE and A-Level, and our pupils consistently achieve outstanding examination results. We also pride ourselves on developing well-rounded students who leave our doors already equipped with a wealth of life experience. Our extra-curricular activities range from trips all over the world to the Duke of Edinburgh Awards to debating societies and a wide range of sporting activities.

Located in Stamford, a town rich in history and tradition, we are a valued part of the community. Each year, our students support a local charity and frequently launch their own endeavours to support a local worthy cause.

Most importantly, we are friendly and welcoming Schools where children are at their happiest and most stimulated.

You don’t need parents – or pupils – to tell you that this is a happy school – you can feel it as you walk through the orderly – but not neurotically so – classrooms with pockets of clutter here and there suggesting lively work in progress that doesn’t need to be tidied away for visitors.

The Good Schools Guide on Stamford Junior School

(The pupils) were also open, unpretentious, highly articulate and warm – of great credit to the school.

The Good Schools Guide on Stamford High School

The boys we met were some of the most unpretentiously impressive and charming we have met anywhere. This particular writer has visited over 150 schools for The GSG and cannot remember more open, articulate, and delightful boys anywhere. They do the school great credit.

The Good Schools Guide on Stamford School


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