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Sports Centre

Parking Guidelines

Parking at the SES Sports Centre and Memorial Pool has always been, and remains, a challenge. Space is limited in the Sports Centre car park and Conduit Road must not be used by non-residents. Detailed parking guidelines follow.  Please do read them carefully before visiting the Sports Centre.

For SES parents and families:

  1. Please do not try to park in the Sports Centre car park.
  2. Conduit Road itself should not, under any circumstances, be used for parking or drop off/pick up.  
  3. Please do not park at Stamford Tennis Club.
  • Parents who are wishing to watch sporting events must use the other School car parks (see below for a map) or any local public car park.
  • Parents dropping off or collecting in a car can either use the Research and Learning Centre car park (access off East Street), or the Lower Middle School car park (access off St Paul’s Street). 

For visiting teams:

1. If visiting by bus or coach – please use the layby situated off East Street for drop off and pick up

2. If visiting by minibus - minibuses are permitted to use the Sports Centre car park, via Conduit Road, although other School car parks should be considered as space is limited. 

Please see the map below for the locations of other Stamford School car parks.

Download Stamford School Map



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